The Genocide Teaching Project Council 2006-2007

Janine Hazeleger, GTP Coordinator
Janine HazelegerJanine Hazeleger is the Coordinator of the Genocide Teaching Project and an LL.M. Candidate for the International Legal Studies Program at American University Washington College of Law (WCL). She is originally from the Netherlands and obtained her LL.B. and first cum laude LL.M. degree in Dutch Private Law at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. While completing her first LL.M. degree, Janine received an EU Socrates Scholarship to participate in an exchange program with the University of Essex in England. In 2006, Janine received a VSB Scholarship to study at WCL, where she is currently an active participant in the Human Rights Film Series, the student group STAND (Students Taking Action Now: Darfur) as well as the coordinator of the Genocide Teaching Project. Being particularly interested in international children's rights, she is also a member of Unicef and Warchild in the Netherlands.

Alejandra AcevedoAlejandra Acevedo
Alejandra, originally from Guatemala, went to the University of Florida. Upon graduation, she became an ESE Self-Contained Elementary School teacher, which she considers the most amazing and rewarding experience of her life. Alejandra decided to go to law school so that she could study international law, specializing in children's rights. She hopes to do work in community and sustainable development related to children's rights after graduating from law school.

Mary Ahan

Mary Ahan Mary Ahan graduated from Frostburg State University summa cum laude in 2006, with a B.S. in Political Science and Law and Society. Currently at WCL, she is a mentor and tutor with Students United at Oak Hill Acadamy. Mary is particularly interested in informing the public of current events and related historic events in order to create an understanding helping to resolve some of the world's tragic problems.

Spencer BugingoSpencer Bugingo
Spencer Bugingo, a native Rwandan, is an LL.M Candidate in the Law and Government Program at American University Washington College of Law (WCL). Before joining the WCL, Spencer was working as a Legal Officer in charge of legislation and contentious matters in the Ministry of Health in Rwanda, since 2002. Serving in that capacity, he was able to come up with different legislations both in the health and education sector. Spencer has also worked with national, regional and international bodies on various legislations such as Mental Health Legislation (WHO), Marketing of Breast milk substitutes (UNICEF), Great Lakes Initiative on HIV/AIDS (GLIA) and several others at the national level.

Meaghan FitzgeraldMeaghan Fitzgerald
Meaghan is from Tucson, Arizona. As an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado she studied International Affairs and Russian Studies. After graduating in 1999, she received a position with the State Department as a Fascell Fellow. The fellowship took her to Estonia and Belarus where she worked as a political officer for the US Embassy. Following the fellowship, she worked for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe as a Human Rights Officer in their office in Minsk, Belarus and a Project Coordinator in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. She is currently in her second year at Catholic University Columbus School of Law. While in law school she has interned for the Coalition for International Justice and Open Society Justice Initiative. Currently she is interning for the International Law and Justice program at Citizen’s for Global Solutions and volunteers for a project with American University Washington College of Law’s War Crimes Research Office.

Jensen Grant
Jensen Grant Jensen Grant attended the Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University in Jupiter, FL, where he received his B.A. in Liberal Arts & Sciences with a Concentration in Political Science magna cum laude in May 2006. He was involved in working with Corn-Maya, Inc., a local non-profit which worked with the Hispanic immigrant population, and the Student Ambassadors. Prior to matriculating to WCL, Jensen worked during the summer for the Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga, P.A., in Boynton Beach, FL. Since coming to WCL Jensen has served as a member of the GTP Student Advisory Council and as a Poll Monitor for the Democratic Party on election day in 2006. In his spare time he enjoys keeping up to date with current international affairs.

Saira KhanSaira Khan
Saira Khan graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2005 with a B.A. in Government, Middle Eastern Studies, and Islamic Studies. During college, she spent a term abroad at Tshingua University in Beijing studying U.S.-China political and economic relations and studied Urdu and Arabic. As an undergraduate she volunteered at an Afghani refugee camp in Pakistan, worked with immigrant communities in Texas (particularly Muslim communities post-911), and participated with groups promoting women’s rights awareness in Saudi Arabia. After matriculating, she spent a year abroad living in and traveling to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Egypt. She worked as a city-wide volunteer coordinator for the World Social Forum in Karachi, Pakistan, a polycentric international event that seeks to promote grass-roots mobilization of citizens in developing countries to promote alternative solutions to the problems produced by globalization. Saira also worked with Century Publications, a media conglomerate in Pakistan, as a production coordinator and researched on poverty, education, and health care concerns (particularly for women and children) in Karachi and volunteered with earthquake relief organizations. She is currently a volunteer at the War Crimes Research Office, with the Center's Genocide Teaching Project, and is interested in International Human Rights and International Economic Development at WCL.

Karolina LyznikKarolina Lyznik
Karolina Lyznik is a first-year law student at WCL. Prior to coming to law school she completed her bachelor's degree in Political Science at Boston University and her master's degree in International Development at the University of Pittsburgh. During her first year at WCL, Ms. Lyznik served on the Curricula Development Committee of the GTP Student Advisory Council, volunteered for the ICTR team of the War Crimes Research Office, and she participated in the Justice for Immigrant Women Experiential Learning Project.

Gabriela ManeroSaira Khan
Gabriela, born in Venezuela, graduated from Stonehill College in Massachusetts in 2005 as a political science and philosophy minor and spent half a year after graduation working full time in Portland, Oregon as an interpreter for abused women under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). She also worked with immigrants with asylum cases, refugees and victims of trafficking. She spent the other half the year before law school working as a therapeutic crisis counselor at a crisis shelter for abused children under 12. She hopes to focus her legal career on international children's rights, focusing on such issues as child trafficking, soldiering and the sex slave market. She views her role as a future attorney as carrying the responsibility of providing a voice for the world's children and feels honored to have been able to reach a point in her life where she can carry out this responsibility and make a difference, one child at a time.

Rebecca Musarra
Rebecca Musarra Rebecca Musarra is a graduate of the College of William and Mary, where she studied International Relations and Economics. She spent a year abroad, participating in study programs in South Africa, the Czech Republic and Spain. Upon completion of her degree, her love of travel took her to Chad where she lived for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer , teaching English and gender equality in a Sahelian village. She returned to the US and interned with the NGO Committee on the Status of Women in NY before beginning her law studies at the Washingon College of Law.

Shaoli SarkarShaoli Sarkar
Prior to entering the Washington College of Law, Shaoli worked for a DC-based war crimes advocacy group, The Coalition for International Justice, where she implemented projects supporting international criminal tribunals and hybrid tribunals in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, as well as investigations of the International Criminal Court on Sudan. Shaoli also worked at the Prosecutor's Office at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, where she drafted a confidential report documenting the best practices which led to the arrest of indictee Charles Taylor and also conducted outreach events related to Taylor's upcoming trial. Shaoli is a graduate of Princeton University with majors in Political Science and French.

Sharon Sullivan Sharon Sullivan
Sharon Sullivan graduated from Northwestern University in June 2006 with a bachelors of arts in history and a minor in psychology. She participated as an NCAA student athlete on the varsity fencing team and qualified for NCAAs 3 out of 4 years. At Northwestern, Ms. Sullivan worked on a student run conference called the NU Conference on Human Rights, which brought student delegates from across the country for an intensive weekend focused on a broad topic in human rights. Among the prominent speakers present were General Dallaire of UNAMIR (the Rwanda expedition), Bernard Kouchner of Doctors without Borders, Stephen Lewis, and Olarro Otunno. After spending a summer interning at an immigration law firm in Chicago, IL assisting on asylum cases, Ms. Sullivan hopes to one day make a contribution to human rights as an immigration attorney. For now, she spends any free time fencing and cheering for the University of North Carolina basketball team.

Ashley Westby
Ashley Westby Ashley Westby is a 1L from Aurora, CO who is hoping to focus her legal studies on human rights law and other international law. Ashley graduated in May 2006 from The George Washington University with a B.A. in Political Science, and a minor in German Language and Literature. Ashley studied abroad in London, England, and in her spare time she bakes and volunteers with underprivileged kids in NE.