Munching on Human Rights 2004-2005

Interested in human rights but stuck studying property and torts? Munching on Human Rights is an introductory program designed to educate and engage students, especially 1Ls, about basic issues in international human rights and humanitarian law.
Held once a month, Munching gives you a great opportunity to informally interact with WCL's internationally-known faculty and get a "taste" of international law. All students are welcome.

Pizza will be served.

What Do You Mean When You Say "Human Rights?"
An Introduction to Human Rights Law

September 9, 2004
12-1pm, Rm 401
Speaker: Hadar Harris, Executive Director, Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law
Not really sure how to explain human rights to your parents and friends? Join us for a basic introduction into the dizzying world of human rights law.

What Is the Universal Bill of Human Rights?
October 12, 2004
12-1pm, Rm 401
Speaker: Professor Rick Wilson, Director, International Human Rights Law Clinic
Is there really such a thing? Join us as we walk through the various treaties that make up the Universal Bill of Human Rights.

What Is the Difference Between Human Rights Law & Humanitarian Law?
November 16, 2004
12-1pm, Rm 401
Speaker: Susanna SáCouto, Executive Director, War Crimes Research Office
Are there major differences? Join us as we talk about duties, obligations, and other important concerns and how they are addressed differently.

A Roadmap through the Regional Human Rights Systems
January 25, 2005
12pm, Rm 401
Speakers: Claudia Martin or Diego Rodriguez-Pinzón, Co-Directors of the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Not sure where to start? Join us as we discuss the differences and similarities between the Inter-American, European, African and UN human rights systems.

The Law of War and the Rules of Occupation: A Primer
February 15, 2005
12pm, Rm 401
Speaker: Professor Robert Goldman, UN Special Expert on Terrorism
Did you know there are rules to waging war? Join us as talk about the differences between the laws of war and the laws in war.

The Importance of Using International Human Rights Norms in Domestic Legal Practice
March 16, 2005
12pm, Rm 401
Speaker: Professor Brenda Smith
Can you cite international treaties when representing a domestic criminal client? Join us as Prof. Brenda V. Smith talks about the need to incorporate international human rights norms into the daily language of domestic legal work.

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