Action for Human Rights: Fall 2003

Action for Human Rights Coffee Hour

Every Wednesday
6th Floor Student Lounge
Action For Human Rights sponsors early morning coffee hours for students, faculty and staff interested in human rights to come and share fair trade coffee and tea, bagels and donuts, ideas and inspiration. The weekly Coffee Hours provide a forum for announcements (at 8:50am & 9:30am), recruitment, campaign information - and a great place to get to know others interested in human rights.

Experiential Learning Project

This year's Project Prisons, Crime and Custody in a Civilized Society: Taking a Walk on the Inside, the 21st Century Detention Center will take participants inside local detention centers and penitentiaries to interact with the prison environment and with those who work and live there. We will also meet with prison reform advocates.

Professors Brenda Smith and Amy Dillard will provide students with context and tools to interpret what they experience. Hadar Harris, Executive Director of the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, will accompany participants and facilitate group discussion and reflection. The Project encourages participants to view the inmates, penal officers, professors, and facilitators as participants in the dialogue, not simply as sources of information.

Monday, October 13th, 5-7pm
Learning to Read: Interpreting the Modern Prison. What does a prisoner's quality of life mean for us? By Professor Brenda Smith
Question & Answer period

Friday, October 27th from 12-6pm
Stepping into the Twilight Zone.
An experience at the Montgomery County Detention Center and
Discussion with Jenny Gainsborough of Penal Reform International at the Open Society Institute

With WCL guide, Hadar Harris

Friday, November 7th from 12-4pm
Travel to and tour the Maryland State Penitentiary in Hagerstown, Md.
with WCL guide, Professor Amy Dillard

Debriefing, November
The Debrief. What does this mean? And where do we go from here?
Facilitator: Prof. Hadar Harris
Group & individual evaluation of the program

Panel, January
Sharing with the Community.
What did we learn? What does this mean for us?

Panel discussion to share experience with the local community.

Suggested Readings for Participants:

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