Munching on Human Rights 2002-2003

This monthly program is a lunchtime series facilitated by the Center and held throughout the academic year. The program was designed primarily for first-year students who have a restricted curriculum and may not be familiar with the basics of international law or human rights systems.

Topics included:

What is the International Bill of Human Rights?
September 17, 2002
Professor Rick Wilson
Discussion of the different human rights treaties: civil and political rights, social, economic and cultural rights.

What is the Difference Between Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law?
October 8, 2002
John Cerone, Executive Director, War Crimes Research Office
Discussion of the legal and practical differences between human rights and humanitarian law.

Human Rights Monitoring & Implementation Mechanisms - A Guide to the Alphabet Soup!
November 19, 2002
Hadar Harris, Executive Director, WCL Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Discussion of various international and regional organizations and monitoring mechanisms such as regional human rights systems, the United Nations, and the ICC.

A Road Map through the Regional Human Rights Systems
January 14, 2003
Professor Claudia Martin
Discussion of various international and regional organizations and monitoring mechanisms.

The Law of War and the Law in War
February 11, 2003

International Law and Peacekeeping - Stories from the Field
March 6, 2003
Professor Paul Williams
Discussion of the rule of law, protection of human rights and promotion of peace.