Human Rights Film Series


October 14, 2002 - November 22, 2002

Co-sponsors included:

  • WCL's Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law
  • AU Center for Social Media
  • AU Kay Spiritual Life Center
  • Human Rights Watch

Films were shown both at the Washington College of Law and on Main Campus at different times to give students the maximum opportunity to attend.

Screenings included discussions with film-makers, human rights activists, lawyers, experts and panelists in relation to the subject matter of the film presented.

Video and Human Rights: Four Success Stories
Nan Aron, President, Alliance for Justice
Sam Gregory, Program Coordinator, WITNESS
Andrea Holley, Outreach Director, Human Rights Watch
Elisa Munoz, Executive Director, Crimes of War Project
A panel discussion featuring prominent human rights activists who showed examples of video work that has supported human rights.

Afghanistan Year 1380
Speaker: Carol Yost, Director of Women's Political Participation for Afghanistan/Pakistan, Asia Foundation
The film showed life inside a Kabul hospital in the months after 9/11; U.S. bombing, internecine strife, women's roles, and treatment of Taliban prisoners of war are some of the urgent problems that were revealed in the emergency room. A discussion on legal reform in Afghanistan followed the screening.

The Pinochet Case
Famed Chilean director Patricio Guzm´┐Żn documented the proceedings prior to the Chilean ex-dictator's arrest in London. Covering the events from the moment Pinochet's plane touches down on English soil to when he is placed under house arrest in Chile, the filmmaker included footage of pro- and anti-protesters. Pinochet's Chilean victims gave harrowing accounts of how they were subjected to horrific torture and interrogation in the regime's secret prisons, and of the way loved ones mysteriously disappeared.

Profit and Nothing But!
Speaker: Randall Dodd, Executive Director, Financial Policy Forum
Renowned Haitian director Raoul Peck (Lumumba) probed the excoriating cost of globalized capital on the culture and economy of his homeland, "a country that doesn't exist, where intellectual discussion has become a luxury." A discussion on social and economic rights followed the screening.

Haters and Of Rights and Wrongs: The Threat to America's Freedoms
Speaker: Bruce Fein, former Associate Deputy Attorney General and former General Counsel, Federal Communications Commission
Two films on the shocking erosion of civil rights for people of color, and especially Muslims in the U.S. since 9/11. A critique of the films followed the screening.
Haters, by Tania Cuevas-Martinez and Lubna Khalid, is a project of DVRepublic, "a liberated zone in cyberspace."
Of Rights and Wrongs is a project of the Alliance for Justice, to promote involvement by lawyers on civil rights issues.

Gaza Strip and Human Weapon
Speaker: Joe Stork, Senior Researcher, Human Rights Watch
Two films on the cost of Middle East strife to civilians. A discussion followed the screening.
In Gaza Strip, James Longley in followed daily life in Gaza during the first four months of 2001.
In Human Weapon, Ilan Ziv tracks the history of suicide bombing, as a new force in warfare, across decades and continents.

Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Women
Speaker: Agnieszka Fryszman, lead attorney representing former Comfort Women in their suit against the Japanese government
Silence Broken shatters a half-century of silence for Korean women forced into sexual servitude by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. The women's compelling testimony is presented side by side with interviews of Japanese soldiers and recruiters. A discussion followed the screening.
Co-sponsored by: Action for Human Rights, Women's Law Students Association, and the Asian Student Association.