Option 1: Practitioners and Non-Student Participants (and Non-AUWCL Students not seeking credit)

Participants choosing to enroll for CLE credit or a Certificate of Attendance should complete the online application form.

NOTE: American University Washington College of Law is an accredited CLE provider for Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York and accreditation will be applied for with these states, together with any other states as requested.

Option 2: Law Students (from ABA Accredited Schools)

Visiting students who wish to enroll in American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) summer courses must consult and have permission from their home institution. A letter of good standing and permission to enroll at AUWCL must accompany your request for registration. Once the registration process has been initiated with your home institution, please have them work with you and AUWCL's Office of the Registrar to finalize the enrollment and registration process.

Items to send to the AUWCL Office of the Registrar:

  1. A Letter of Good Standing from your institution.
  2. A Letter of Permission to enroll at American University Washington College of Law must accompany your application.
  3. Please complete a "Visitor Application Form" (registration form).
  4. Once admitted, the non-AUWCL students then get an account at the law school and can enroll via the AUWCL website.

To apply, please mail the materials directly to the Registrar's Office at:

Office of the Registrar
American University Washington College of Law
4801 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 304
Washington, DC 20016-8125

Registration deadline: May 14, 2014, subject to space availability.

The Office of the Register can be reached by: Tel: 202-274-4080, Fax: 202-274-4085, or email at

Option 3: Current AUWCL JD and LL.M. Students

Current American University Washington College of Law JD and LL.M. students do not need to submit a separate application but should enroll through the myAU portal.