Human Rights Brief ~ Center for Human Rights

and Humanitarian Law

Washington College of Law, American University ~ Volume 4, Number 2 ~ Winter 1997


A Permanent International Criminal Court: Soon to Be a Reality

by Professor Richard J. Wilson

Indonesia's National Human Rights Commission: A Step in the Right Direction?

by Monika Talwar

The Contentious Jurisdiction Mechanism of the Inter-American Human Rights System: Looking Toward the Future

by Lawrence Groo

Sexual Assault Issues Before the War Crimes Tribunal

by Professor Diane Orentlicher

Film Chronicles Suffering at Omarska Concentration Camp

by Rajeev Purohit

Spotlight on Women for Women in Bosnia

by Gillian Brady

The Death Penalty and Due Process in Guatemala

by William Clark Harrell

South Asia's Regional Initiative on Human Rights
by Madhavi Basnet

Genetic Technology: Constructing a New Language for International Human Rights

by Maha F. Munayyer

Alumnus Profile: Françoise Roth

by Nicole Grimm

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