Human Rights Brief ~ Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Washington College of Law, American University ~ Volume 2, Number 1 ~ Fall 1994


Women's Human Rights: A Prospective Look

by Donna Sullivan

New Trend in Addressing Violence Against Women

by Layli Miller Bashir

Prosecutor Goldstone Offers Views on War Crimes Tribunal

by Rochus Pronk

Women's Reproductive Rights Advanced at Conference

by Gabriel Eckstein

Cairo Conference Invokes Empowerment of Women

by Renate Nikolay

WCL Human Rights Clinic Champions Women's Rights

by Angela Collier

MDRI Fosters Dialogue on Human Rights in Psychiatric Institutions at Montevideo Conference

by Eric Rosenthal

Commission Special Rapporteur Grossman Investigates Women's Rights

by Gabriel Eckstein

Round Table Discusses U.S. Ratification of Inter-American Convention on Human Rights

by Nadia Ezzelarab and Brian Tittemore

New WCL Program Explores Women's Issues in International Law

by Ayesha Qayyum

World Bank Inspection Panel Update

by Samir Desai

Point/Counterpoint: Universalism v. Cultural Relativism: The Impact on Women's Rights

Featuring articles by Rachel N. Pine and Azizah al-Hibri, with an introduction by Ayesha Qayyum

Alumnus Profile: Elizabeth Abi-Mershed

by David Hyden

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