Human Rights Brief ~ Center for Human Rights

and Humanitarian


Washington College of Law, American University ~ Volume 1, Number 1 ~ Spring 1994


Suriname Faces Past Human Rights Violations

by Claudia Martin and Françoise Roth

Commission Evaluates Administration of Justice in Peru

by Antonio Maldonado and Diego Rodriguez

NGO Advocates for Rights of People with Mental Disabilities

by Fatimah Mateen

World Bank Creates Inspection Panel

by Steven T. Weston

International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

by Brian Tittemore

Point/Counterpoint: A War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

Featuring articles by Aryeh Neier and Professor Herman Schwartz

Alumnus Profile: Tawfiq Jabareem

Co-Directors' Message

by Robert Goldman, Claudio Grossman and Herman Schwartz

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Directors of the Center For Human Rights and Humanitarian Law:
Robert Goldman, Claudio Grossman, Herman Schwartz
Administrative Editor:
Gabriel Eckstein
Story Editor:
Sharon Healey
Editorial Board:
Martín Abregu, Samir Desai, Robert Guitteau, Jr., Antonio Maldonado, Shoshana Malett, Claudia Martin, Diego Rodríguez, Françoise Roth, Jennifer Susman
Newsletter Staff:
Juli Gammon, Swata Ghandi, Fatimah Mateen, Marla Piazza, Alejandro Ponce-Villacis, Ayesha Qayyum, Lois Tuttle, Steven Weston

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