Human Rights Practitioners

The participation of human rights law practitioners from around the world is central to the success of the Human Rights Brief. There are several ways in which practitioners can contribute to the Brief.

Write an Article

Practitioners working in the field of human rights law are encouraged to submit articles for publication. The Brief uses a unique format for its articles and adheres to a multi-tiered editing process. To view the guidelines for publishing an article with the Brief, as well as a detailed description of the editing process, click here. Please send all article submissions and inquiries to

Submit Article/Column Ideas

The Human Rights Brief benefits greatly from the experience of practitioners and NGOs around the world. Human rights law practitioners are often a key source of ideas for articles and columns for the Brief. The Brief relies on input from practitioners to keep us informed of cutting-edge human rights issues.

If you have an idea for an article or would like to contribute information for a column, please email

Vet Student Articles

Student articles published in the Human Rights Brief address complicated legal issues. To ensure the accuracy of legal arguments, student articles are vetted by legal practitioners who have expertise in the article's subject matter. Article vetting is an invaluable service to the Brief. If you would like to become involved with the Brief by vetting a student article to ensure its accuracy, please email

Cite the Human Rights Brief

The Human Rights Brief seeks to inspire further research and analysis on pertinent legal issues. Citing to the Brief enhances both its visibility and credibility.

The proper citation for an article in the Human Rights Brief Volume 11, Issue 3, beginning at page 51 would be: 11 No. 3 Hum. Rts. Brief 51 (2004). Please note that all Brief articles are also available on Westlaw and LexisNexis.

Subscription Information

If you would like to subscribe to the Human Rights Brief, please send your request, mailing address, and a check or money order of $30.00 made payable to the Human Rights Brief to the following address:

Human Rights Brief
4801 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Room 630
Washington, DC 20016-8181

If a nonprofit organization or individual is unable to meet the subscription price, the publication is available at no cost upon request.

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Evaluate the Brief

The Human Rights Brief values and benefits from your input and feedback. Let us know how we can improve the Brief by sending an email to