Human Rights Brief

A Legal Resource for the International Human Rights Community

Volume 17 Issue 4

Spring 2010 Special Edition

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Opening Remarks
Remarks of Dean Claudio Grossman and Widney Brown

Panel I: Building on the Committee against Torture's Successes and Addressing Its Shortcomings - Stakeholders' Perspectives
Remarks of Yuval Ginbar, Jens Faerkel, Santiago Canton, Florence Simbiri- Jaoko, Felice Gaer, and Joao Nataf. Moderated by Mark Thomson

Panel II: Ensuring Reparations for Victims of Torture and Other Ill-Treatment
Remarks of Christopher Hall, Juan Mendez, Lorna McGregor, and Nora Sveaass. Moderated by Dean Claudio Grossman

Keynote: The Role of the United States in Strengthening the Prohibition against Torture
The Honorable Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

Panel III: Interpretation and Implementation of the Convention against Torture Article 22 (Petitions)
Remarks of Julia Hall, Barbara Jackman, Ann Jordan, and Francisco Quintana. Moderated by Ambassador Luis Gallegos

The proper citation for an article in the Human Rights Brief Volume 17, Issue 4, beginning at page 51 would be: 17 No. 4 Hum. Rts. Brief 51 (2010).