Human Rights Brief

A Legal Resource for the International Human Rights Community

Volume 16 Issue 4
Spring 2009 Special Edition

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Opening Remarks
Claudio Grossman
Mark Thomson

Panel 1: Are Adequate Legal Frameworks in Place at the Domestic Level?

Introductory Remarks
Richard Wilson

Protections Provided by International Law
Manfred Nowak

Challenging Impunity
Diane Orentlicher

Domestic Incorporation of Obligations Luis Gallegos and Under the Convention against Torture
Claudio Grossman

Torture as a Specific Criminal Offense in Domestic Laws
Matt Pollard

Panel 2: How Are Laws Applied and Detention Practices Reformed?

Introductory Remarks
João Nataf

Litigation: Taking Cases and Those Responsible to Court
Steven Watt

Advocacy and Campaigning Against Torture
James Ross

Reforming Interrogation Practices: Alexis St. Martin and the Post-9/11 Era Opportunity
Eugene R. Fidell

Reforming Interrogation Practices
David Danzig

Panel 2 Question & Answer Session

Luncheon Keynote Address
Mark Schneider

Panel 3: Transparency & Access of Independent Experts to Places of Detention

Introductory Remarks
Viviana Krsticevic

Oversight Practices of U.S. Juvenile Facilities
Ted H. Rubin

Experience in Latin America
Santiago Canton

Expectations of the Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture, the National Preventative Mechanisms, and the UN OPCAT
Malcolm Evans

Health-Related Considerations
Nora Sveaass

Follow-Up Procedures Felice Gaer

Panel 3 Question & Answer Session

The proper citation for an article in the Human Rights Brief Volume 16, Issue 4, beginning at page 51 would be: 16 No. 4 Hum. Rts. Brief 51 (2009).