Human Rights Brief

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Volume 14 Issue 2
Winter 2007

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In Memorium: Brian Douglas Tittemore
Robert Goldman

Mind the Gap: Purpose, Pain, and the Difference between Torture and Inhuman Treatment
Christian M. De Vos

Recognizing a Right to Autonomy for Ethnic Groups under the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights: Katangese Peoples Congress v. Zaire
Mtendeweka Owen Mhango

Rwanda's Troubled Gacaca Courts
Christopher J. Le Mon

Waterboarding Prisoners and Justifying Torture: Lessons for the U.S. from the Chilean Experience
Cristián Correa

Ensuring a Responsibility to Protect: Lessons from Darfur

Seeking Integral Reparations for the and Disappearances of Women in Ciudad A Gender and Cultural Perspective
Jorge Calderón Gamboa

Perspectives on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

An Analysis of the Development and Adoption of the United Nations Convention Recognizing the Rights of Individuals with Disabilities: Why the United States Refuses to Sign this UN Convention
Tracy R. Justesen
Troy R. Justesen

The UN Disability Convention: Historic Process, Strong Prospects, and Why the U.S. Should Ratify
Tara J. Melish


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