Human Rights Brief
A Legal Resource for the International Human Rights Community

Volume 13 Issue 3
Spring 2006

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In This Issue

The New UN Human Rights Council
Morton H. Halperin
Diane F. Orentlicher

Will the Human Rights Council Have Better Membership than the Commission on Human Rights?
Lawrence C. Moss

The UN Human Rights Council and the Inherent Dignity of the Human Person
Representative Chris Smith

The Politics of Depoliticization: International Perspectives on the Human Rights Council
Hadar Harris

Scrutinizing Countries: The Challenge of Universal Review
Felice D. Gaer

Also in this Issue

Privatization of Corrections: A Violation of U.S. Domestic Law, International Human Rights, and Good Sense
Ira P. Robbins

Analyzing Prison Sex: Reconciling Self-Expression with Safety
Brenda V. Smith

Mistakes in the Making: The Failure of U.S. Immigration Reform to Protect the Labor Rights of Undocumented Workers
Lilah S. Rosenblum

Victims of Terror Stopped at the Gate to Safety: The Impact of the "Material Support to Terrorism" Bar on Refugees
Jennie Pasquarella

The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Status of Implementation on the Right to Health Care in Nigeria
Aniekwu Nkolika Ijeoma

Cutting the Hangman's Noose: African Initiatives to Abolish the Death Penalty
Tim Curry

Many Guantánamos: A Reflection on the Work of Human Rights Clinics
Richard J. Wilson


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