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Volume 11 Issue 3
Spring 2004
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The Development of International Human Rights: Progress and Consolidation
Aryeh Neier

International Human Rights and Criminal Justice in the First Decade of the 21st Century
Richard Goldstone

Development of the African Human Rights System in the Last Decade
Vincent O. Nmehielle

Decade of NGO Struggle
Gay J. McDougall

A Decade of the Development of Gender Crimes in International Courts and Tribunals: 1993 to 2003
Kelly D. Askin

Global Legal Education and Human Rights
Claudio Grossman

International Response to Internal Displacement: A Revolution in the Making
Francis M. Deng

The Evolution of Democracy and Human Rights in Latin America: A Ten Year Perspective
Sonia Picado

The European Court of Human Rights: A Success Story?
Leo F. Zwaak & Therese Cachia

The Ripple Effect of the Pinochet Case
Stacie Jonas

Rule of Law Prevails in the Case of Amina Lawal
Hauwa Ibrahim

International Trade and Workers Rights: Practical Tools for Reading Labor Rights Provisions of Free Trade Agreements
Benjamin Holt & Michael Waller

Police Powers in Pakistan: The Need for Balance Between Operational Independence and Accountibility
Ahmad N. Warraich

The Implementation of Constitutional Human Rights in Afghanistan
Mir Hekmatullah Sadat

Curbing Reliance on Abortion in Russia
Meghan Stewart


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