Human Rights Brief
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Volume 10 Issue 2
Winter 2003
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American Indian Land Rights in the Inter-American System: Dann v. United States
lnbal Sansani

Freedom of Expression under the European Convention on Human Rights: A Comparison With the Inter-American System of Protection of Human Rights
Amaya Úbeda de Torres

The Internationalization of Constitutional Law
Herman Schwartz

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights to Land, Territories, and Natural Resources: A Technical Meeting of the OAS Working Group
Osvaldo Kreimer

Repairing the Irreparable: Current and Future Approaches to Reparations
Chanté Lasco


Treaty for the Rights of Women Deserves Full U.S. Support
Nora O’Connell and Ritu Sharma

CEDAW: It’s Old, It Doesn’t Work, and We Don’t Need It
Lester Munson

The Need for Effective Protection of United Nations Peacekeepers: The Convention on the Safety of United Nations and Associated Personnel
Siobhán Wills

The New European Union Directive on Sexual Harassment and Its Implications for Greece
Mary Ellen Tsekos

News from the Regional Human Rights Systems
David Baluarte and Jamal Jafari

Legislative Watch

Legislative Focus: Senate Action to Protect Innocent Inmates on Death Row
Ossai Miazad

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