Human Rights Brief
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Volume 9 Issue 2
Winter 2002
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Transitional Justice in Post-War Afghanistan
Ossai Miazad

Current Human Rights Concerns Arising from the Conflict and Peace Process in Northern Ireland
Jane Winter and Natasha Parassram Concepcion

Burma's Democratic Transition: The Internationalization of Justice, the Challenge of Legitimacy, and the Necessity of Facing Past Political Violence
Daniel Rothenberg

The UN World Conference Against Racism: A Race-Ethnic and Gender Perspective
Celina Romany and Katherine Culliton

The Inter-American Commission on Human RIghts and the Process of Democratiation in Peru
Helio Bicudo, translated by Alison A. Hillman

Human Rights Institutions in Africa
Mary Ellen Tsekos

News from the International Criminal Tribunals
Cecile E.M. Meijer

News from the Inter-American System
Ismene Zarifis

Legislative Watch

Legislative Focus: Foreign Terrorist Military Tribunal Authorization Act of 2001
Erin Chlopak

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