Human Rights Brief
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Volume 8 Issue 1
Fall 2000
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Defending Humanity
Peter Cicchino

East Timor: Will There Be Justice?
Barbara Cochrane Alexander

Point: U.S. Millitary Support for Plan Colombia: Adding Fuel to the Fire
Andrew Miller

Counterpoint: Plan Colombia and Human Rights
Ambassador Luis Alberto Moreno

Alumni Profile
Teresa Young Reeves

A Global Court? U.S. Objections to the ICC
Teresa Young Reeves

News From the Inter-American System
Terri J. Harris

Human Rights Violations Against Muslims in Western China
Natasha Parassram Concepcion

Legislative Watch

Legislative Focus
Gobind Singh Sethi

News From the International Criminal Tribunals
Cecile E.M. Meijer and Amardeep Singh

Book Review
Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know
Anne Theodore Briggs and Matthew R. Briggs*

Center News
Sarah C. Aird*

Center Faculty/Staff News

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