Human Rights Brief
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Volume 7 Issue 3
Spring 2000
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Profile of Gabrielle Kirk McDonand, Former President of the ICTY
Kitty Felde

The Case for United States Reparations to African Americans
Adrienne D. Davis

Women in Nepal: Human Rights in Theory, Human Rights in Practice
Barbara Cochrane Alexander*

Sierra Leone: Diamonds for Arms
Sheryl Dickey

Rape: A Survey of Current International Jurisprudence
Christine Strumpen-Darrie

Prison Conditions in Cuba: An Assessment of Cuba's Compliance With Basic Human Rights Standards
Natasha Parassram Concepcion

European Court of Human Rights Overturns British Ban on Gays in Military
Richard Kamm

News From The Inter-American System
Cathleen Caron

Profile of Angéla Kózcé, a Roma Human Rights Activist
Helen Harnett

The War of Attrition in Chiapas
Sarah C. Aird

Alumni Profile
Regina Njogu

Refugee Women: Failing to Implement Solutions
Jennifer P. Harris

Legislative Focus: Extending Non-Discrimination in Employment to Gays and Lesbians
Tracy Davis and Sara Oppenheim

Legislative Watch

Center Faculty/Staff News

Center News (Current Issues in Economic Social Rights)
Sarah Aird

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