Human Rights Brief
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Volume 7 Issue 1
Fall 1999
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Profile of Dr.Juan E. Garces, Chief Lawyer in the Spanish Case Against General Augusto Pinochet
Sarah C. Aird and Steven Hernandez

Khmer Rouge Crimes: The Elusive Search for Justice
Brian D. Tittemore

Ghana's Slaves to the Gods
Sarah C. Aird

Unocal Corporation Can Be Liable for Human Rights Abuses in Burma
Carlyn Carey

Review of the Inter-American Human Rights Digest
Juan M. Amaya-Castro

News From the Inter-American System
Cathleen Caron

News from the International Criminals Tribunals
Kelly Askin

India's Failure to Adequately Protect Refugees
H. Knox Thames

Legislative Focus: Attempts to Close the United States Army School of the Americas
Barbara Cochrane Alexander

Legislative Watch

The Rule of Law in Jeopardy in Uzbekistan
Heather Fox

Promoting Human Rights Education in the Americas
Natasha Parassram Concepcion

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