Human Rights Brief
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Volume 6 Issue 1
Fall 1998
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The Rome Treaty for an International Criminal Court: A Framework of International Justice for Future Generations
Jerry Fowler

Human Rights in Sudan in the Wake of the New Constitution
Ghazi Suleiman and Curtis Francis Doebbler

Inter-American Systems News
by Nichole Grimm

The Rights of Defendants in the ICTY
Tom Lynch

War Crimes Tribunal Update
Jennifer Hentz

Judiciary Firmly Under Control in Fujimori's Peru
Cathleen Caron

Field Report: Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel
Sarah C. Aird

Legislative Focus: The Hate Crimes Prevention Act
Mair McCafferty

Legislative Watch

Center News: Inter-American Rights Digest Project
Barbara Cochrane*

Center Faculty/Staff News

Alumni Profile
Barbara Cochrane

Calendar of Events

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