Human Rights Brief
A Legal Resource for the International Human Rights Community

Volume 5 Issue 2
Winter 1998
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International Legal Community Makes Strides in Developing International Norms for Protecting and Assisting Internally Displaced Persons
Ellen B. Zeisler

Human Rights and Health Care Reform: Lessons for the Formaer Soviet Union
David F. Chavkin

News from the International War Crimes Tribunals
Ewen Allison

Field Report: The Challenge Presented by the Arab Palestinian Minority in Israeli
Jamil Dakwar

Law Fellows Program as WCL Trains Israeli Lawyers in Civil Liberties

Trends: Lesbian and Gay Rights in Zimbabwe
Leane Renée

Child Soldiers: An Analysis of the Violations of the Rights of the Child
Rajeev Purohit

Book Review: In Search of Hidden Truths
Sarah Paoletti

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