Human Rights Brief
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Volume 5 Issue 1
Fall 1997
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Rwanda's Domestic Trials for Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity
Carla J. Ferstman

Conscientious Objection in the Americas
Raymond J. Toney

News from the Inter-American System
By William Clark Harrell

TRENDS: Migrant Farm Workers Under the New Regime
Candance Beck

A Report on the Negotiations for the Creation of an International Criminal Court
Fanny Benedetti

News from the International War Crimes Tribunals - Fall 1997
Brian D. Tittemore

In Memoriam: Peter Howard Backes
1963 - 1997

Rochus J.P. Pronk

FIELD REPORT: Alternatives to Obeying Superior Order; A Question for the International Criminal Court
Rajeev Purohit

Training Judges to Incorporate International Law into Domestic Courts
Monika Talwar & Thomas Quintana

WCL Bids Farewell to Rochus Pronk
Brian D. Tittemore

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