Human Rights Brief
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Volume 4 Issue 1
Fall 1996
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Plight of France's Sans-Papiers Gives a Face to Struggle Over Immigration Reform
Christian E. O'Connell

Mediation in the Federation of Bosnia-Hercegovina
Peter H. Backes

News from the Inter-American System

Changes to U.S. Law Threaten Refugees: An Illustration on WCL Clinic Crisis
Sarah Paoletti

News from the International Criminal Tribunals
Brian Tittemore

Inaugural Moot Court Successful
Farrah Pervez

Food Shortage in North Korea: Humanitarian Aid Versus Policy Objectives
Timothy J. Min, II

POINT: Trials in Absentia
Herman Schwartz

COUNTERPOINT: Taking Exception
Diane Orentlicher

MDRI Releases Report on Hungary's Mental Health System
Kate Nahapetian

Alumnus Profile: Peter Backes
Gillian Brady

Center News

MDRI Advocates for Mental Disability Rights in Latin America
Catherine O'Malley

Faculty/Staff News

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