Human Rights Brief
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Volume 3 Number 1
Fall 1995
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War Crimes Tribunal Dismisses Jurisdictional Challenge
Diane F. Orentlicher

Beijing Panel Brings Together Activists and Delegates
Alison E. Graves

The Future of the Inter-American Human Rights System
David J. Padilla

Enforcement of Human Rights Through ILO Machinery
Steven Simpson

World Bank Withdraws from Arun III Project on Inspection Panel's Recommendation
Alfred Escher

MDRI: Pioneering Strategies for International Enforcement of Mental Disability Rights
Max Lapertosa
Eric Rosenthal

News from the Inter-American System
Nadia Ezzelarab

WCL Establishes Inter-American Moot Court Competition
Mare Fox

The Quandary of Economic Sanctions
Gabriel Eckstein

Economic Sanctions and Human Rights: A Delicate Balance
Michael P. Malloy

Humanitarian Sanctions? The Moral and Political Issues
David Cortright

FIELD REPORT:Task Force Lobbies for Specific Language in Beijing Platform for Action
Lesley Rein

TRENDS:Indigenous People File Suit Alleging Environment as a Human Right
Denise Thomasson

Faculty/Staff News
Dima Malhas
Jennifer Merkle

Alumnus Profile: Martín Abregu
Alexandra Wisotsky

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