Human Rights Brief
A Legal Resource for the International Human Rights Community

Volume 2 Number 2
Winter 1995
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The Right to Seek Asylum: A Dwindling Right?
Fatimah Mateen
Brian Tittemore

The European System for the Protection of Human Rights:A System in Motion
Françoise Roth
Claudia Martín

Inspection Panel Responds to Nepal Dam Complaint: First Against World Bank
Samir Desai

Political Reconciliation or Forgiveness for Murder-Amnesty and its Application in Selected Cases
Claudio R. Santorum
Antonio Maldonado

Protecting the Internally Displaced Under InternationalHumanitarian Law
Alain Balmanno

The African Approach to Refugees
Fernando González-Martín

Drzemczewski Discusses The System in Motion
Françoise Roth
Claudia Martin

WCL Students Preparing for Second Year at European Moot Court Competition
Angela Collier

Proposition 187: An Important Approach to Prevent Illegal Immigration
Alan C. Nelson

Proposition 187: Unfounded and Ineffective
Frank del Olmo

Inter-American Systems News
Claudia Martin

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