Human Rights Brief
A Legal Resource for the International Human Rights Community

Volume 1 Number 2
Summer 1994
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Report Exposes Problems Within Peru's Judicial System
Antonio Maldonado
Diego Rodriguez

Farer Explores Lessons of Somalia
Fatimah A. Mateen

Suriname Faces Past Human Rights Violations: The Gangaram-Panday Case
Claudia Martin
Francoise Roth

Grossman Criticizes Recent Court Decisions Involving Suriname
Claudia Martin
Françoise Roth

Chiapas Delegation Concludes Historical Repression of Indigenous People Must be Addressed
Sharon Healey

Schwartz Advocates for Minority Rights Before UN; WCL Hosts Conference on the Inter-American Human Rights System

Trade with China: Human Rights and MFN.
Samir Desai

Human Rights First
Richard Dicker

More Bull From the China Shop
Wendell L. Willkie, I

International Human Rights Law Clinic
Steven Weston

WCL Sends First US Team to European Competition
Françoise Roth

Alumni Profile: Hobhannes Assrian
Ayesha Qayyum

News From the Inter-American System
Claudia Martin
Xavier Mena

LL.M. Program Provides Both Knowledge and Experience
Juli Gammon

WCL Hosts Conference

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