Visa Requirements

If you currently hold a visa (type B1/B2) to enter the United States you do not need to process any additional visa to attend the Academy's Specialized Human Rights Program.

If your country has an special agreement with the United States where you can enter without a visa, you do not need to process a visa as long as you are not planning to stay longer than 90 days. If you are planning on staying more than 90 days then please check with the American Consulate in your home country.

If neither of the above circumstances describe your situation then you should apply for a B1 visa (tourist /business). Once you have been admitted into the Specialized Human Rights Program we will send you a letter of admission to the program and a letter addressed to the consulate letting them know of your admission into the program. Please note that neither one of these letters guarantees that you will be given a visa.

This program is not an exchange program and does not lead to a degree, so participants should not apply for a Student (F-1) visa. The B1 visa is intended for business (attend meetings) and you are eligible for it since you will come into the US with the intention to attend the courses we are offering. This program will not lead to a degree or a title, which is why you are not eligible for an F-1.

Requesting a Visa

Participants are responsible for obtaining any visas necessary to attend the Specialized Human Rights Program. To obtain a B-1 visa, participants need to bring (at least) the following documents to the American Embassy and/or Consulate in their country:

  1. Valid passport;
  2. Financial documents showing the participant’s ability to cover financial expenses during the three-week summer program (the appropriate documents that prove financial ability are bank statements or proof of any scholarships);
  3. Official letter of invitation;
  4. Application (provided at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate) and application fee;
  5. Supporting documents that provide proof of residence abroad and intent to return, such as statements regarding family ties, property or a job in the home country.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to new laws put into place in 2003, all visitors are required to interview with an immigration officer. Because visa issuance may take up to 6 months, participants should contact the U.S. Consulate in their home countries as soon as possible.

Health Insurance

The Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and its sponsors and organizers do not provide any health insurance to visiting students. It is strongly recommended that every visiting student obtain health insurance prior to departure from their home country.

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