Academy Staff

Claudia Martin, Professorial Lecturer in Residence, 202-274-4283

Diego Rodríguez-Pinzón, Professorial Lecturer in Residence,, 202-274-4285

Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law &
Human Rights Award

Marie-Eve Augier, Program Coordinator, 202-274-4070

Claudia Blount, Program Assistant, 202-274-4356

Jimmy Alegria, Dean's Fellow, 202-274-4295

Antonio Morelli, Program Assistant, 202-274-4406

Inter-American Moot Court Competition

Becca Russell-Einhorn, Program Coordinator,, 202-274-4215

Claudia Tavares, Program Assistant, 202-274-4221

Susana Diaz Garcia, Dean's Fellow,, 202-274-4221

Erick Bluhum, Dean's Fellow,, 202-274-4221

Special Projects

Mariel Ortega, Dean's Fellow

Germán Parra Gallego, Dean's Fellow