Pre-Arrival Information


  • Orientation (May 29th) and classes will be held at:

American University Washington College of Law
4300 Nebraska Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016

Academy Offices: Yuma-111

If you are staying in the dormitories, the address is:
American University
Cassell Hall
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW  
Washington, District of Columbia 20016

Please do not order packages or mail to this address.

Click here for a map of main campus.

Getting to American University Washington College of Law's Tenley Campus

From Tenleytown Metro:
The new WCL Campus is located one block (0.3 mile) East of the Tenleytown-AU Metro Station.

AU Shuttle:
Board the AU shuttle at Tenleytown Metro stop. Tenley Campus is the 1st shuttle stop. Enter through the Warren Building pedestrian entrance located directly in front of the AU shuttle stop.

Walk East on Wisconsin Avenue one block to Tenley Circle. Walk right onto Tenley Circle. The pedestrian entrance will be on the right. Enter through the Warren Building entrance.

Maps and Directions


Maps of Washington College of Law and Washington, DC

American University Main Campus

Metro System

The Metro system is very clean, efficient, and the employees are used to helping Washington visitors. Metro's website is useful, containing bus schedules, bus & train route maps, hours of operation, etc.

Metro's online Ride Guide provides route information from one location to another.

Contact them at 202-637-7000 or online at


There are three main airports in the DC area:

1. Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) - This airport has easy access to the metro and is closest to Washington College of Law. If you fly into DCA, you can take a taxi, shuttle service or the metro to your destination. If you take the metro, get on the yellow line in the direction of Fort Totten. Switch to the red line metro at Gallery Place/Chinatown metro stop. Get on the red line in the direction of Shady Grove. Get off the metro at the Tenleytown/AU metro stop. From here, you will take the free AU shuttle to the dormitories/Washington College of Law. The buses will be located directly in front of you as you exit the metro station. In total, this trip will be about 30 minutes.

2. Dulles International (IAD) - Dulles is located about 45 minutes outside of Washington, DC. There are public buses (around $8 each way), shuttle buses (about $30 each way--door to door), and taxis (about $70 each way) that can be taken to Washington College of Law or into the city. If you take the public bus, you will get off at the Rosslyn metro station on the Blue/Orange metro line. You will take either train to Metro Center metro stop in the direction of New Carrollton/Largo Town Center. You will switch to the red line in the direction of Shady Grove. Get off the metro at the Tenleytown/AU metro stop. From here, you will take the free AU shuttle to the dormitories/Washington College of Law. The buses will be located directly in front of you as you exit the metro station. In total, this trip will be about an hour and 30 minutes or more, but it is not difficult. Another option is to take a taxi to the American University dormitories from the Rosslyn metro station.

3. Baltimore Washington International (BWI) - This airport is located in Baltimore, Maryland. You have the option of taking a taxi or a shuttle if you are not interested in taking public transportation. From the airport, you can take the B30 bus ($7 one way) to the Greenbelt metro station on the green line. From the Greenbelt metro station, you will travel to the Chinatown/Gallery Place metro station and switch to the red line in the direction of Shady Grove to the Tenleytown/AU metro stop. The metro ride will take approximately 1 hour. From here, you will take the free AU shuttle to the dormitories/Washington College of Law. The buses will be located directly in front of you as you exit the metro station. In total, this trip will be about an hour and 30 minutes or more, but it is not difficult.

What to Bring

  • WEATHER: Washington area weather during the summer months is hot and humid. Temperatures usually range from 29 to 38 Celsius degrees (85 to 100 Fahrenheit degrees) with high humidity.
  • DRESS: Dress for classes at the university is generally casual. Jeans, skirts, shorts and athletic shoes are acceptable for both men and women. Classrooms tend to be quite warm or very cold in the summer, so it is encouraged to dress in layers. Professional dress will be essential for some events.

Health Insurance

The Academy does not provide any health insurance. It is strongly recommended that every visiting student obtain health insurance prior to departure from his or her home country. It will be very expensive to see a doctor in the United States unless you have insurance that covers doctor's costs in the US. Please be advised that many medications that you can get at the pharmacy in other countries are not available for purchase in the US without a doctor's prescription. Cold and flu medicines are sold without a prescription at all drug stores. We advise you to bring with you any medication you think you may need.

Course Fee Payment
Each participant will receive a link via email to pay course fees. This payment must be completed using a credit card or wire transfer prior to orientation. Participants submitting wire transfers MUST send us a copy of the wire confirmation from their bank.

Creating and Using your student account

Program participants will create and use two accounts. The first is your MyAU account.

To learn how to create your MyAU student account please take a moment to look over this step by step guide

To access course materials and exams, participants will use their MyWCL account. This account will be available for use 24 hours after the creation of your MyAU account, so please be patient. To log in you must go to and use the same log in credentials as your MyAU account.

To learn how to use your MyWCL student account please take a moment to look over this step by step guide

Course Materials

Course syllabi and first day readings will be posted on your MyWCL account prior to the first day of courses--in mid-May. These course materials are included in the cost of the course fees. You will have the option and ability to print them in the university library if you desire. However, American University encourages staying green and printing materials on a limited basis.

The Academy does not handle housing in the university dormitories. Arrangements to stay in the dorms must be taken care of individually. For more information and the application, please visit the housing webpage. Housing will contact you once they receive and process your application. Please do not expect to hear back from them before the middle of May. This is when they do housing assignments and will send you an email confirmation. Do not worry if you have not heard from them before this time. If you have housing questions please email

Important American University Policies

Sexual Assault/Harassment:

  • American University does not tolerate sexual misconduct of any kind, in any context.
  • Intimidating or forcing a person into sexual activity violates American University’s stated values and policies and is punishable with severe sanctions.
  • Sexual misconduct includes, but is not limited to, rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment.
  • Incidents will be reported to the University as well as local authorities.
  • Various campus groups and offices are available for counseling and support

Failure to abide by these rules could result in dismissal from the Program and/or complications with the law.

Tobacco- and Smoke-Free Policy
This policy prohibits the use of tobacco products and medical marijuana on property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled or operated by the University including campus owned, leased or rented vehicles. The policy applies to faculty, staff, students, vendors, guests, and contractors. Tobacco is defined as all tobacco-derived or containing products, including, but not limited to, cigarettes (clove, bidis, kreteks), electronic cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, hookah-smoked products, and oral tobacco (spit and spitless, smokeless, chew, snuff).

Alcohol/Drug Policy:

  • American University community members uphold university policies and abide by local, state, and federal laws pertaining to alcohol and other drugs. Individuals accept personal responsibility for the outcome of their decisions.
  • Consumption or possession of alcohol/drugs is strictly prohibited in university residence halls. A participant that violates this rule will not only face immediate expulsion from the program but will also be charged for misconduct with the University and the local authorities.

Receiving Mail and Faxes

Personal faxes (202-274-4198) can be received at the Academy's address. Please make sure the sender clearly marks the fax with your name to ensure that you receive it. However, please do not send mail to the dorms. Packages and mail sent to the dorms will not be accepted by the University.

Services Offered


Shuttle from Metro

The closest metro stop is Tenleytown-AU on the Red Line in the direction of Shady Grove. AU provides a free shuttle service from the metro to AU Main Campus. Follow the directional signs when exiting the Metro. Shuttle bus information is available at or you can call 202-885-3111. The blue line will take you to the main AU campus and the dorms.

Pence Law Library

Pence Law Library is one of the most accessible and innovative academic libraries in the United States. It offers an in-house collection of almost half a million volumes, plus access to a vast amount of information in digital format. Pence Law Library also contains European Union and U.S. government depositories, the Baxter Collection in International Law, the Goodman Collection of Rare and Semi-Rare Law Books, and the archives of the Administrative Conference of the United States and the National Bankruptcy Review Commission. It is also the host library for the National Equal Justice Library, which serves as an archive, museum, and functional library of publications focusing on legal aid. Electronic resources include unlimited access to Westlaw and Lexis, and other on- and off-line databases at no charge.

While enrolled at the Academy, students have access to the library, including borrowing privileges and use of Lexis and Westlaw.

Computer Facilities

There is a computer lab open to all students at the law school on the first floor of Pence Law Library. WCL maintains a high-speed network that enables both wired and wireless laptop access throughout the law school building. We encourage you to install an anti-virus software program on your computer because if your computer is infected, the information technology office will block access for your computer. We will not be able to do anything to help you at that point. You will have access to printing once you activate your university account. Printing is free, but we encourage you to print only what you need in an effort to be green.


Parking is available in the law school underground parking deck. All participants with cars must park in these facilities. A parking permit can be purchased in the Facilities office (suite Yuma-T05). Parking permits cost $6/day if they are pre-purchased or $12/day if paid on the day.

There are several options to purchase food around the university. On campus, near the dormitories, there are a few fast food options, as well as a mini store. Near the Tenleytown metro, there are several restaurants and a couple grocery stores. Most days, lunch will be provided at various events organized by the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, which are open to Program participants. Participants will be on their own most days for dinner and every day for breakfast. There is a cafeteria at the law school open for breakfast and lunch. Meals are priced by weight. Plan to spend between $10 and $20 per meal at a restaurant. A 15-20% tip is generally suggested for service on each bill at a sit-down restaurant.

All events are optional except for Diploma students. Events of Human Rights Month--panels and movies--take place during lunch breaks and are free to all participants of the Program. Lunch will be served at these events, but we ask that if you come for the events that you plan on staying through the entire event. The other excursions-- visits to the OAS (separate events in English and Spanish), the monument tour, and closing ceremony include meals, but cost additional fees. These events have limited openings and may be paid for at orientation by cash only.