Message from the Directors

The Academy was created to promote practical approaches to human rights and humanitarian law as well as to strengthen links between human rights organizations, practitioners, and educators worldwide. We hope to enhance the culture and prominence of human rights and humanitarian law around the world. Additionally, we wish to offer relevant, empowering training for scholars, practitioners, and students interested in the international human rights system and laws. The Academy accomplishes these tasks through its programs, partnerships, and scholarly endeavors.

The Academy is one of the many human rights programs at American University Washington College of Law, which include, among others, the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, the International Human Rights Clinic, the War Crimes Research Office, Impact Litigation Project, Women and International Law program and the UN Committee Against Torture Project.

We encourage you to browse our website and learn more about all of our projects.


Claudia Martin and Diego Rodríguez-Pinzón

Message from the Co-Chairs

Defining and celebrating the fundamental rights of all human beings is an obligation for all of the world’s citizens to fulfill, whether we represent government, civil society or ourselves as private individuals. One of the most important duties of a law school, and a priority at American University Washington College of Law (WCL), is to promote the values of human dignity through legal education in Washington DC.

The Academy represents this priority in practice through its partnership programs and projects that uniquely position it to address the need for a specialized, scholarly legal approach to human rights law. In the face of new challenges and issues that arise in our ever-changing world, the Academy is always finding innovative ways to create and strengthen partnerships between human rights organizations, practitioners and educators worldwide, thereby expanding its outreach.

The Academy is an important example of WCL’s commitment to act through legal education in order to realize fully the purposes of the rule of law. We hope to welcome you to the WCL community through one of the programs of the Academy.


Claudio Grossman and Robert K. Goldman

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