Who needs to take exams?

Exams are mandatory for:

  • Diploma seekers
  • Participants who are taking the courses for credit at US or international universities
  • Participants whose sponsors require them to do so

Although exams are not mandatory for students pursuing the Certificate of Attendance, we strongly advise those interested in doing an LL.M. degree at AUWCL in the future to complete the exams as we are able to award credit for this coursework after enrollment.

What is the reading period?

There is a mandatory reading period between June 17 and 23 to allow students to complete the required post-course reading for their courses. Students with more than one class are strongly advised to extend their reading period in order to complete their post-course reading. Alternatively, students may choose to complete an exam immediately after the completion of the assigned post-reading for the corresponding class (For example, students may complete the post-reading for course 1 during the reading week then complete the corresponding exam before proceeding to the post-reading of the second course)

When and where do I take exams?

The exam period will be from June 24 to August 3, 2017 (11:55 PM EST). Students will retrieve and submit exams electronically; therefore, they can leave DC any time after June 16. Instructions will be listed in each exam document.

Exams cannot be submitted past this deadline. Any attempts to email an exam not submitted through MyWCL will not be accepted. Please ensure that you set aside enough time to do each one of the exams within this time window. The Academy has a "no make-up" policy for exams.

How long do I have to take each exam?

You have 48 hours to complete each exam starting from the time that you accessed it. Exams are graded out of 100 points and there will be a 10 point deduction for exams not completed within the 48-hour time frame. However, if an exam is downloaded after 23:55 hrs on August 1, there will be less than 48 hours to complete it.

How do I access the electronic exams?

Exams must be accessed through your MyWCL account. You will gain access to MyWCL shortly after you create your MyAU account. It is preferable that you create your MyAU account before arrival once you receive your AU ID in May. Please check the pre-arrival section of this site and watch two presentations on how to create your MyAU account and how to use your MyWCL account. Exams can ONLY be accessed in that way and each student must download their exams individually. You MUST use this system to complete the exams. Exam questions cannot be obtained from other students in the course--this is considered cheating. For instructions on how to take the MyWCL exam, please read the Powerpoint presentation here. If your professor has assigned an essay, please review the instructions to upload that essay to the student dropbox of your course.

Should I take the exams seriously?

Yes. You must receive a passing grade (C or whatever your home institution requires as a passing grade) on each exam in each of the classes in which you are enrolled in order to receive academic credit or your Diploma.

Breakdown of grades for 2016

% of students earning each grade


*Exams are meant to be answered individually. You may utilize the materials from the course as well as the information provided in class. Plagiarism (copying, duplication, academic dishonesty) is strongly penalized by the Academy and it adheres to the Honor Code established by American University Washington College of Law. Plagiarism includes not only situations where others' opinions and ideas are falsely attributed by the student as their own, but also cases where the source of the opinion or idea that is being mentioned is not correctly cited giving the Professor all the necessary information to easily access that source. If plagiarism is identified in your exam, the incident will be reported and will be registered under your academic record. You will fail the course. We strongly advise you to work on your exams individually.

How are exams graded?

Exams will be graded anonymously and each professor will grade their own question. Each question indicates the name of the professor that has assigned it. Each student will be assigned an identification number which (s)he will use to mark the exams instead of his/her name.

What if I have questions while taking the exams?

The Academy’s office hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Many students prefer to take their exams during weekends. Although this is perfectly possible, please note that communications sent during weekends will not be answered until Monday morning, which may be too late to resolve your issue. Please also note that the Academy will be closed Tuesday, July 4, 2017 in observance of the July 4th holiday.