Participants may enroll under one of the following three categories:


This option is only available for persons who already hold a law degree.

Diploma participants must:

• Enroll in a minimum of 3 courses
• Attend 90% of their classes
• Take and pass the exams with a C (or better grade)
• Write a 5-page essay on a human rights issue of their choice
• Present the paper before a panel comprised by peers, faculty members and human rights experts
• Attend the program orientation session
• Attend three closed meeting with various high profile human rights experts
• The Academy organizes Human Rights Month, which includes conferences and panels about current human rights issues. Participants must attend three of these conferences and at least one visit to an international organization organized by the Academy.

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The certificate of attendance is available to persons who fit the following categories:

  • Persons interested in the program but do not have a law degree or are not law students in the United States and cannot take courses for ABA credit or for the Diploma
  • Persons who are law students in the United States but are not interested in taking courses for credit
  • Persons who have attained a law degree but do not wish to take as many as 3 courses or do not wish to take exams

Special arrangements can be made for international students interested in taking these courses for academic credit in their home countries. Exams are optional for participants of the certificate (unless they plan to transfer credits to their home institution).

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American Bar Association Credit

Current law students enrolled in universities in the U.S. can register in any of our courses and receive academic credit recognized at their institutions. All courses are ABA approved. Students attending a Program at WCL may transfer these credits towards their degree.

Application - Costs - Requirements - Exams



Exams are mandatory for Diploma seekers, participants transferring credits to their universities in their home countries or participants whose sponsors require them. You must receive a passing grade of C or better on your exams in each of the courses in which you are enrolled in order to receive academic credit or the Diploma.

The exam period will be from June 14 to July 9. Students will retrieve and submit exams electronically; therefore, they can leave DC any time after June 13th. Each student will determine when to retrieve each exam. Each exam must be completed and submitted within a 48 hour timeframe. All exams must be completed by midnight EST on July 9.

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*American University law students do not need to apply to the Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. They are eligible to register for the courses as though they are registering for their other courses. The summer registration period opens on April 8, 2014.