Academic Credit-ABA


This option is only for students currently enrolled in law schools in the United States. Students can register in any of the courses and receive academic credits recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA). Credit Students will also obtain a certificate of completion upon consistent attendance of all classes.

Credit students who complete three or more courses, will receive a plaque certifying successful completion of courses and exams.

Students planning to apply to, or already admitted to, an LL.M. program at WCL have the option of transferring up to 4 credits towards their degree once they begin their program. Please contact the LL.M. office for details at (202) 274-4110.


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Application Process

Only paid and completed applications will be considered.

  1. Application fee of $70*†
  2. Online application form
  3. A letter of good standing AND permission from your university to enroll at American University Washington College of Law
  4. Visiting Student Application for Admission

*Non-refundable. Not applicable for American University Students

†Application payment must be made directly to the Registrar's office.

WCL students do not need to apply, rather you should register as you normally do for fall and semester classes. WCL students can register for courses when summer registration begins.



Exams are mandatory to receive ABA credit. There is a mandatory reading period between June 17 and 23 to allow students to complete the required post-course reading for their courses. The exam period will go from June 24 - August 3, 2017. Participants will retrieve and submit exams electronically at their convenience anytime between these dates. Therefore, participants are not required to stay in DC after June 16. Each exam has a time limit of 48 hours. Exams are graded out of 100 points and there will be a 10 point deduction for exams not completed within the 48-hour time frame. All exams must be completed by 11:55 PM EST on August 3. No late exams will be accepted. Failure to complete the exam will result in an F. A passing grade of C is required for all exams for the courses in which you are enrolled in order to earn your credits. More information




Tuition per credit



Student Facilities Fee


Participation in Activities

ABA students are encouraged to participate in all the activities sponsored by the Academy during the program and Human Rights Month. In addition, a Certificate of Attendance is issued.

Financial Aid


Financial aid for summer study is limited to educational loans for WCL students. Information regarding various loan options and procedures is available in the Financial Aid Office and on their website:

Visiting law students must apply for assistance through their home institution, provided their school is willing and eligible to enter into a consortium agreement with American University Washington College of Law. Further information on consortium agreements may be obtained from the WCL Financial Aid Office.


For information on policies regarding course withdrawal and/or reimbursement policies, please contact the Registrar's Office.