Quotes from Our Students

"My Memories from my WCL G Street law school days..."

Harley R. Climpson, 1940
-"Fond memories of excellent teachings of Dr. Mooers, Eduard Burroughs, David Bress, et. Al.
-Comradeship of classmates Charley Paul, Lacey Sharpe, Fred Turpen, Congressman Robert Secrest, Warren Moore, Harold Pearsall, Henry Stuckey, et. Al.
-Grabbing a sandwich & cold drink in the basement and "shooting the bull" with classmates prior to the beginning of evening classes."

Julian Caplan, 1954
"The intimacy in our G Street home. It was small and very dear. We won the 1953 Moot Court District Championship, and Dean Bookstaver declared a holiday; also gave me an 'A' in future interests as a reward for my work on moot court."

John F. McAuliffe, 1955
"Great classmates, great faculty; last-minute case reviews on the streetcar; pin-ball machine across the street; an occasional beer at 20th & Pennsylvania."

Mel Hirshman, 1955
"The wonderful faculty and the small classes; the fraternities; invitations to practitioners to speak to us; the friendship of those in the day & night classes; working on the Intramural Law Review; the Moot Court Programs and the success of my classmates in the profession."

Phil Leadbetter, 1956
"In domestic relations, when Professor Franchino said: "when the beautiful lady enters your office and consults you about a divorce - what's the first thing you do?" Big discussion. Answer - "Get a retainer!"

Joe Hairston, 1960
"Senator Byrd in the basement classroom."

Henry Webb, 1960
"Irritation by Dr. Mooers when someone interrupted his lecture (so much for the Socratic) with a question or comment and joy by Dean Myers when someone did!"

Ted Thomas, 1962
"Sitting next to Senator Robert Byrd in several of Dean Myers' & Ed Mooers' courses; the hot summer evening classes with no air conditioning; Mooers' favorite saying 'but me no buts!' "

Jerry Rosenblum, 1962
"At the beginning of my freshman year (1959), I was seated next to an 'older' student in one of my classes - contracts or constitutional law. We exchanged greetings, 'I'm Jerry Rosenblum' - 'Hi, I'm Bob Byrd - nice to know you.' For the next six weeks or so we continued to greet each other and compare class notes. Then, one day someone addressed my fellow classmate as 'Senator Byrd.' I was awestruck. That was the end of the 'Bob and Jerry show' on my part, as I then became more formal in my exchange. I have many other fond memories of my WCL days which include those of Professors Mooers and James, Dean Myers and Tony Morella and many fellow classmates."

Michael Sileo, 1962
"Dr. Mooers' inclusion of Marlene Dietrich in exemplary fact patterns."

Bernie Bordenick, 1963
"Having coffee at the Varsity Inn before the 9am class and the fact that Dean Myers allowed smoking in class which would be unheard of today. I also clearly remember his lectures, etc. in Torts, Criminal Law and Equity. He was among the best teachers I had anywhere."

Lew Franke, 1963
"Dr. Mooers and his lectures working in Marlene Dietrich when giving examples and illustrating principles of contract, laws and rules of procedure."

John Garrity, 1963
"Senator Byrd always being well prepared whenever called upon for a case in constitutional law with Dean Morella."

Dorothy Toth Beasley, 1964
-"Kindly, fatherly, patient Dean John Sherman Myers, who inspired us and also taught us trusts.
- Eating cheese and peanut butter crackers in the library while studying - that was lunch (with an apple) and crumbs are probably still in the books.
-My bike, which I rode from Georgetown, being taken from behind the law school!"

Brian Donnelly, 1965
" 'Muggegges' as the sainted Louis James pronounced mortgages"