Dean Horatio Rogers

In 1947, Horatio Rodman Rogers was appointed the first male dean of WCL by the law school's Board of Trustees. The trustees believed that the large numbers of GIs recently returned from the war could be better courted by a male dean. As a result of World War II and of tougher admissions criteria required to secure ABA accreditation, WCL suffered a severe drop in student numbers; between 1943 and 1946, WCL awarded just fifteen degrees, only one to a woman. Roger's chief priority as dean was to increase the law school's enrollment.

During his term, Rogers was also devoted to concluding the much discussed merger with American University. WCL's administration and trustees, aware that a merger with a university could be a decisive factor in obtaining membership in the American Association of Law Schools, which had deliberated with AU since the early 1940s. Within two years of becoming dean, Rogers successfully secured an agreement between the two institutions with the expressed understanding that the Washington College of Law would maintain its distinctive identity as well as its name.

The following information relates to the School from 1947 to 1951.

Location of the Law School
2000 G Street, NW

Number of students
1948: 133 students, 60 Day Division, 73 Evening Division

Faculty & staff
After the 1949 merger with AU, 6 full-time and 12 part-time faculty

2 years of college

Degrees granted
1947: 3 LL.B. (all men)
1951: 38 LL.B. (1 woman, 37 men)

Charter, incorporation, merger
July 1, 1949: WCL by agreement becomes an autonomous division of The American University

1951: 18,000 + volumes

Student Publications
1949: Student Bar Sheet

1948: 80 semester hours required to qualify for LL.B.

December 30, 1947: WCL admitted to the American Association of Law Schools

Tuition & Miscellaneous

1947-48: Portion of entire income of WCL received from endowment is 1.9% 1948: Tuition $300/year, day; $225/year, evening

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