Laptop Information

Laptops, tablets, and smartphones can connect to the WCL network throughout the school via ethernet jacks in classrooms and the library, and wireless access points throughout the campus.

Students are strongly encouraged to maintain current virus protection on their laptops. If at any point your laptop becomes infected with malware we can cut off network use while on campus. You will be notified via email if this occurs so please keep your computer clean of malware. If you do not currently have anti-virus software installed on your PC/Mac please visit the "Download Software" section of under the Technology link to download a free copy.

If you do believe your computer is infected with malware please see our Help Desk so they can assist you with the problem. If it's during a busy time you may need to schedule a time to either leave the device or come back.

Laptop Support Policy

WCL supports connections between laptop computers and the law school network. Within this framework, the Student Help Desk staff support a core set of hardware and software relating to network connectivity, printing, and exam software for computers meeting ALL of our requirements.

  • Recommended Hardware Vendor
    WCL IT recommends students purchase Dell, Microsoft or Apple laptops. See the Laptop purchasing section below for more information.

  • Supported Operating Systems (English Versions Only)
    Windows 10, Windows 11, and Mac OS X 10.14+. Windows Home edition is not recommended; Windows Professional, Education, or Enterprise editions are preferred.

  • Office Suites
    Students may use Microsoft Office, Pages, Libre Office, or other office suites and word processing software. Students are eligible to receive a free Office 365 subscription while enrolled.

Please note: The Student Help Desk staff does not provide support for non-supported applications, operating systems or hardware.

MyWCL is based on Microsoft Sharepoint technology. Some enhanced functionality is available in the Business and Professional editions of Microsoft Office, but not in the Student edition. This functionality includes integrated editing of documents within the site and version control. The Student edition, as well as other software, may still be used, however it is necessary to manually download and upload documents. Some student organizations will rely on MyWCL for document hosting and sharing. We recommend students make use of the Office 365 versions.

Tablet/Smartphone Support

Wireless devices such as iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Android phones, and Windows tablets and phones, may also connect to the wireless network. Most of these devices can connect to the secure "wcl" network using your MyAU username and password. Some devices, such as certain Kindles, will only work with the "AUGuest-ByRCN" network.

If you have trouble connecting your device to the wireless network, our Help Desk staff will be able to assist you in connecting.

Laptop Purchasing

WCL encourages students to obtain a personal laptop computer as computer labs can become busy during peak hours. This is also needed if your professor requires Exam4 to be used for your exam since the alternative would be hand writing.

AU has negotiated special prices on certain computer configurations for personal purchase. Links to the vendor sites are available through the portal on the "Technology" page under "General Links".

Pence Law Library does offer loaners if needed for the day. This is intended for emergencies and not daily use or for exams.