AUWCL Welcomes Local High School Students to Tenley Campus


On Friday, July 27th local high school students were welcomed to the American University Washington College of Law campus.  In addition to touring the school, Kendra Brown, senior director of diversity, inclusion and affinity, spoke with the students about the importance of mapping out their future.  Susan Carle, vice dean, and Brenda Smith, senior associate dean, shared their perspectives about the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for the students and answered their questions ranging from college preparation and financial aid to various career paths.   

The students are a part of a summer program that introduces them to varied career fields and leadership opportunities.  In addition to visiting schools and initiatives in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, the students also participate in and lead community service initiatives.

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion is committed to pipeline efforts to ensure all Youth are aware of the opportunities which exist in the field of law and to help them understand the core tenants of Civics in their daily lives. 

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