Accommodations are listed in order of time and distance from AUWCL's Tenley Campus located at 4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW, one block from the Tenleytown/AU Metro Station (Red Line). All lodging is in the district unless otherwise noted. The Washington College of Law does not endorse any particular hotel/hostel but you should inquire if there is a discount for visitors to American University.



Area Hostels

  • Washington International Student Center
    (about a 15 minute walk to Woodley Park - Red Line Metro)
    2451 18th St. NW
    Washington, DC
    1-800-567-4150 or 202-667-7681
    3.3 miles/14 min.
  • William Penn House
    (about a 10 minute walk to Eastern Market - Blue, Yellow, Silver- Metro Station)
    515 East Capitol St. SE
    Washington, DC
    7.2 miles/25 min.
  • Hilltop Hostel
    (Red Line Metro)
    300 Carroll St, NW
    Washington, DC
    4.8 miles/19 min.