Washington College of Law Security

WCL Security is handled through AU Department of Public Safety. Public Safety Officers are on the WCL campus 24/7.

The Public Safety non-emergency line is (202) 885-2527

The Public Safety emergency line is (202) 885-3636

Visit http://www.american.edu/finance/publicsafety/ for more information about American University Public Safety.

AU ID Cards

The American University Identification Card (AU ID) is issued to faculty, staff and students. The number on the card is the assigned AU Identification Number that is used in maintaining personnel and academic records while the bearer is part of the AU Community.

The AU ID Card is also used to screen access to university functions, designated buildings, library services, receive possible discounts, eagle bucks and may be requested by Public Safety as proof of university status whenever an identity check is carried out.

The AU ID Card should be in the possession of the faculty, staff and students whenever on campus. For Law School students the ID card needs to be coded for building access, garage access, and library access after closing hours.

Department of Public Safety may, at times, request the AU ID card be presented whenever entering the WCL campus. In the event of card loss, a freeze on the monies can be placed on the card at eaglebucks.com or emailing idcards@american.edu.

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