Parking Information

WCL Facilities has combined forces with AU Parking & Traffic and created a new online parking portal to manage your parking permit needs. Please click here to log in.

Parking Overview

As a condition of enrollment at the Washington College of Law, students are required to read and sign a copy of the AU Parking Policy. The policy prohibits students parking in the streets surrounding the law school and American University's main campus. Students rescind the use of their zone 3 permit and therefore, possession of a valid zone 3 sticker does not constitute an exclusion from the parking policy.

Any student who has not signed a copy of the parking policy is in violation of their student agreement with the University and must sign a copy immediately.

Payment at the elevator lobby machines or a parking permit is required during hours of operation.  

Hours of Operation:


Monday- Friday 8am – 8pm

Closed Weekends

Important Links

All WCL students can purchase a WCL Virtual Parking Permit through the AU Parking Portal. All other students can purchase hourly parking in the WCL Garage.

Virtual Parking Permits are sold throughout Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. New Fall and Annual permits become available for purchase through the AU Parking Portal at the start of orientation week in the Fall semester. Fall permits expire by the end of Winter break; while Spring, Summer, and Annual permits expire August 15th. Between semesters, students who only purchased a Fall semester permit are required to renew their virtual parking permits.

Students may register on the AU Parking Portal for the WCL Virtual Self Park Code to use with PayByPhone to park as needed at a student rate. Print the permit to find the discount student parking code to use with PayByPhone.

*Please note that WCL runs on a virtual parking permit system, therefore no physical permits are issued.

Virtual Student Parking Permits

Permit Type Eligibility Price

WCL Virtual Full-Time Student Permit

Visiting International Scholars and Humphrey Fellows
$506.00 per semester **
$1012.00 Full Year

WCL Virtual Part-Time Student Permit

PT 1L/2L/3L/4L JD $240.00 per semester **
$480.00 Full Year
WCL Virtual Self Park Code - PayByPhone FT 1L/2L/3L, PT 1L/2L/3L/4L, LLM, SJD
Visiting International Scholars and Humphrey Fellows
$0.75/hr + $0.35 (per transaction service fee)

WCL Virtual Summer Student Permit

All Students Full summer $220.00

WCL Virtual Motorcycle Student Permit

All Students $253.00 per semester**
$506.00 Full Year

All motorcycles and scooters parking at the WCL garage are required to have a virtual parking permit. Semester and Full Year permits may be purchased from the Facilities office - YT05 and Pay-As-You-Go permits may be purchased at the pay stations located in the parking garage elevator lobbies.

Motorcycles and scooters must be parked within designated zones in the garage as indicated by signage and within stripes painted on the ground. Motorcycles and scooters may not park in bicycle parking areas or on sidewalks

Scooters are classified as vehicles with two wheels with a piston displacement between 50 to 250cc’s. Furthermore, a Scooter is defined by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, §571.123, as a motorcycle that:

  • Has a platform for the operator’s feet or has integrated footrests,
  • Has step-through architecture, meaning that the part of the vehicle forward of the operator’s seat and between the legs of an operator seated in the riding position, is lower in height than the operator’s seat.

Bicycles parked on campus must comply with the following regulations:

  • When driven on streets or in areas intended for use by motor vehicles, bicycle riders will observe all applicable traffic rules and regulations applicable to motor vehicles.
  • When parked, bicycles must be in bicycle racks or other spaces/areas designated for their use. Bicycles must be parked clear of sidewalks, ramps, building entrances and handrails/fences.
  • AU reserves the right to remove abandoned bicycles at its discretion.

Semester and Annual parking permits will pro-rate at checkout when purchased through the parking portal.

Pro-rated Amounts
Dates Full-Time Part-Time
Start of Fall Semester - September 15
September 16-30
October 1-15
October 16-31
November 1-15
November 16-30
December 1-31
January 1-31
February 1-15
February 16-28
March 1-15
March 16-31
April 1-15
April 16 – End of Spring Semester

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