Health Law Courses

JD and LL.M. candidates at the Washington College of Law have an extensive list of options when it comes to pursuing their interests in health law. The health law curriculum includes numerous courses focused on health care law, public health law, bioethics, and global health law. Moreover, many other courses overlap with health law and dedicate substantial class time to health issues. Click on the course titles below for more information about each course.

Health Care Courses

Health focused

Health Law (3 credits)

Drug Products Liability (3 credits)

Health Care Fraud and Abuse: Contracts and Compliance (3 credits)

Food and Drug Law (2 – 3 credits)

Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions (2 credits)

Health Law: Legislative and Regulatory Process (2 credits)

Medical Liability & Public Health (2 credits)

Privacy & Health Information Technology (2 credits)

Comparative Health Systems (1 credit)

Health Care Corporate Compliance and Governance (1 credit)

Health Care Fraud and Abuse (1 credit)

Intellectual Property and Health Care (1 credit)

Pharmaceuticals and the Law (1 credit)

Health related

Advanced Intellectual Property: Technology Licensing Agreements (3 credits)

Patent Law (3 credits)

Pension & Employee Benefit Law (3 credits)

Public and Population Health Law Courses

Health focused

Disability and the Law (2-3 credits)

Gender & Health Law & Policy (2 credits)

Mental Disability and the Law (2 credits)

Public Health Law and Policy (2 credits)

Health related

Advanced Environmental Law (3 credits)

Environmental Law (3 credits)

Reproductive Rights (3 credits)

Elder Law (2 credits)

Law and Drug Policy (2 credits)

Social Justice (2 credits)

Law and Regulation of Science (1 credit)

Bioethics Courses

Bioethics (1 - 3 credits)

Genetics & the Law (1 credit)

Reproductive Technologies and the Law (1 credit)

Global Health Law Courses

Health focused

Human Rights & Access to Medicines (3 credits)

Global Health & Comparative Health Systems (2 credits)

Global Health Law (course description forthcoming) (2 credits)

International Health and Human Rights (1 credit)

Health related

International Environmental Law (3 credits)

International Trade Law I (3 credits)

International Trade Policy Issues: Theory & Practice (3 credits)