Grants Awarded 2000-2001

Current Awards

  • Addressing Staff Sexual Misconduct
  • Cost Offset for Video Server
  • Douglas Inquiry
  • Human Rights Legal Education Partnership - Ecuador
  • Human Rights Legal Education Partnership - Mexico
  • The Ideal Worker Project
  • Legal Status of Elderly Rights
  • Low Income Taxpayer Clinic
  • Marshall-Brennan Fellowship Program
  • OSI Human Rights Advocacy Fellowship Program
  • PAR: Project for Attorney Retention
  • Project for the Advancement of Human Rights Law: Focus on Capital Punishment
  • Project to Assist Venezuelen Public Defenders
  • Race, Ethnicity and Gender Justice Project in the Americas
  • Redefining Public Immunities: Emerging Principles of Law and Statecraft
  • Support for War Crimes Research Office
  • Training and Curriculum Development: Staff Sexual Misconduct with Inmates
  • War Crimes Research Office