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CBS Nightly News, Eye on America: Fighting Maternal Discrimination

"Most women never get near the glass ceiling. They're stopped long before by this maternal wall. What these cases show is that women, to their credit, have begun to challenge that maternal wall," said Joan Williams.

The Program on WorkLife Law works extensively with the press to educate the public about the pressing needs facing workers in balancing their job and family responsibilities and that these challenges reflect not only a problem of personal balancing, but a structural problem, needing structural solutions.

The Program works with journalists to:

  1. document the high levels of family (elder and child) care

  2. document the impact of caregiving on mothers' employment patterns

  3. document the common problems experienced by people on flexible work arrangements

  4. document the increase in working hours for fathers and their growing desire to shorten their work week.

  5. document how employers can help their bottom line by adoopting family-friendly work policies.

  6. document the impact of inflexible workplaces on fertility rates

  7. discuss the "mommy wars" and how to defuse them

  8. discuss whether there is a backlash against family friendly policies; and other related issues

Media includes coverage in national publications such as Time, Business Week, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, women's magazines such as Parenting Magazine, Working Mother and O, and in the business press, such as the Legal Times and Washington Times business section. The Executive Director, Joan Williams, has also appeared on talk shows and other media, including CSPAN, Oxygen Media, The Diane Rehm Show, Talk of the Nation, Forum (San Francisco), The Katherine Lanpher Show (Minnesota Public Radio), Conversations with Kathleen Dunn (Wisconsin Public Radio).

Online transcript of the Hedrick Smith program.