Working with Employers

We provide the information on the following topics to help employers design and implement family/friendly programs that are usable, effective and economical.

  • How to design usable flexible work arrangements. We provide general information on how to design family friendly policies so they are usable � and used � rather than mere "mommy tracks." In addition, through our PAR Program ( and report, we provide information and resources targeted at law firm employers seeking to develop and implement an effective and usable work/life program. These materials are applicable to other work environments as well, particularly those involving professionals.

  • How to tell if your family friendly program is usable. We have developed a six-part, objective "usability test" that employers can use to evaluate the usability of their present work/life programs, and provide direct assistance in implementing this test. Thais can be found at

  • Family friendly programs help your bottom line. We provide information on the "business case" for providing all workers access to usable work/life policies, regardless of economic level or family status. The key bottom-line benefits of effective work/life policies is a reduction in the high costs associated with attrition, increased productivity and quality control

  • Unconscious bias against family caregivers. We provide information and resource materials to employers on the role that unconscious bias against family caregivers can play in management decision making, how it can lead to discriminatory conduct, and what steps they can take to diminish undesired discrimination.

  • Information on the potential for liability. We provide technical guidance and support to management attorneys seeking to help clients avoid potential liability for discrimination against mothers or other family caregivers. Our research and analysis of federal and state statutes and case law has revealed that employees are beginning to recover in suits charging family caregiver discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and numerous state laws and public policy doctrines.

  • Information on family friendly programs in corporate counsel offices. We are initiating a new PAR project, in which we will be addressing the work/life issues of attorneys in corporate counsel offices. For further information, you may consult the PAR web site at