The Alice Paul Feminist Jurisprudence Essay Contest

Sponsored by the Women and the Law and Legal Rhetoric Programs of

American University, Washington College of Law

Previous Winners

2011- Ms. Jasmine Pierce*
"It's Not Just a 'Black Thing:' Black Women in the Law and Issues of Double Identity and Discrimination" 

2010- Ms. Danielle Ives*
“Combat in an Age of Terror: The Military Necessity of Women in Combat Roles in Iraq and Afghanistan”

2009- Ms. Thea Johnson*
“Guaranteed Access to Safe and Legal Abortions: The True Revolution of Mexico City's Legal Reforms Regarding Abortion”

2008- Ms. Michelle Larson-Krieg*
"Comparable Worth in Minnesota and Ontario:  Implications for U.S. Policy"

2007- Ms .Wendy Yang*
"Is Recognizing the Monetary Value of Housework Sufficient in Achieving Gender Equality: Assessing Taiwan's §1003-1 and §1018-1’s potential impact on Taiwan's road toward gender equality"

2006- Monica S. Devens*
"Wartime Sex Crimes as 'War Crimes' and 'Crimes Against Humanity': A Developing International Understanding'

2005- Ms. Gina Zejdlik*
"Human Trafficking in Italy and The United States" - a Comparative Analysis"

2004- Ms. Dana V. Kaplan*
"Women of the West: The evolution of marital property laws in the southwestern United States and their effect on Mexican-American women"

2003- Mr. Eric Bentley*
" How Title IX Should be Interpreted to Afford Women the Opportunities They Deserve in Intercollegiate Athletics"
Published in the Sports Lawyer Journal
Vol.11 Page 89 (2004)

2002: - Ms. Amy Klosterman*
"Easing the Burden for Female Refugees: The I.N.S. Must Adhere to New International Asylum Standards Regarding Gender-Related Persecution"

2001: Ms. Shefali Milczarek-Desa*
"(Re)Locating Other/Third World Women: An Alternative Approach to Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez's Construction of Gender, Culture and Identity"
Published in UCLA Women's Law Journal
Vol.13 Page 235 (2003-2005)

2000: Mr. Jeff Redding*
"Confronting the Limits of Allah: A History and Liberal Feminist Analysis of Pakistan's Law of Divorce for Women"

1999: Mr. Navid Dayzad*
"The Unfulfilled Promise of Oncale: An Examination of and Proposed Solution to the Disparity Between Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Sexual Harassment Law"

1998: Ms. Jennifer S. Hendricks*
"Congressional Enforcement of Women's Equality and Citizenship Under the Fourteenth Amendment"
Published in the Texas Journal of Women & Law
Vol.8 Page 51 (1998-1999)

1997: Ms. Ronnie L Podolefsky*
"The Illusion of Suffrage: Female Voting Rights and the Women's Poll Tax Repeal Movement After the Nineteenth Amendment"
Published in the Notre Dame Law Review
Vol. 73 Page 839 (1997-1998)

1996: Ms. Joan Weiner*
"Understanding Unwelcomeness in Sexual Harassment Law: Its History and a Proposal for Reform"
Published in the Notre Dame Law Review
Vol. 72 Page 621 (1996-1997)

1995: Ms. Kim Wade*
"Peer Sexual Harassment in Schools: Model Title IX Guidelines"

1994: Ms. Tamara Tompkins*
"Prosecuting Rape as a War Crime: Speaking the Unspeakable"
Published in the Notre Dame Law Review
Vol. 70 Page 845 (1994-1995)

* Subject to U.S. Copyright. Do not publish or reprint without permission of the author.