International Conferences

Pan American Conference Pre-Conference Publication

Pan American Conference on Transforming Women's Legal Status Overcoming the Barriers in Legal Doctrine and Legal Education


  1. Do Women Speak with a Different Voice?

    1. Alda Facio, Methodology for Gender Analysis
    2. K.C. Worden, Overshooting the Target: A Feminist Deconstruction of Legal Education
    3. Lorena Fries and Veronica Matus, Why Method Matters
    4. Joan Williams, Deconstructing Gender

  2. Gender and Power
    1. MacKinnon, Difference and Dominance: On Sex Discrimination,
    2. Angela Harris, Race and Essentialism in Feminist Legal Theory
    3. Gladys Acosta Vargas, The Treatment of Women in the Penal Codes of Latin America and the Caribbean
    4. Kathryn Abrams, Sex Wars Redux: Agency and Coercion in Feminist Legal Theory


  1. Violence Against Women: Beyond the Public/Private Distinction
    1. Rocio Villanueva Flores, Note on Judicial Interpretation in the Context of Law 26260 and Intrafamily Violence
    2. Martha Mahoney, Legal Images of Battered Women
    3. Marta Torres Falcon, Rape: A Socio-Juridical Approach
    4. Leonor Vain, The Problem of Battered Women in the Legal System in Force
    5. Angela Ginorio & Jane Reno, Violence in the Lives of Latina Women


  1. The Relationship of Market Work and Family Work
    1. Chris Littleton, Reconstructing Sexual Equality
    2. Lucinda Finley, Transcending Equality Theory
    3. Alicia Elena Perez Duarte, Economic Aspects of the Family
    4. Herma Hill Kay, Equality and Difference: The Case of Pregnancy
    5. Susan Moller Okin, Justice, Gender and the Family
    6. Joan Williams, Is Coverture Dead?

  2. Formation of Families, the State, and Sex and Gender Policy
    1. Fineman, Images of Mothers in Poverty Discourse
    2. Alicia Elena Perez Duarte, The Formation of the Nuclear Family
    3. Cynthia Bowman, A Feminist Proposal to Bring Back Common Law Marriage
    4. Katha Pollitt, Gay Marriage? Don�t say I didn�t warn you!
    5. Thomas Stoddard, Why Gay People Should Seek the Right to Marry, and Paula Ettelbrick, Since When is Marriage a Path to Liberation
    6. Becker, Bowman and Torrey, Development of Custody Preferences

  3. Sexual Harassment
    1. MacKinnon, Sexual Harassment: Its First Decade in Court


  1. Feminism and Constitutional Law
    1. Martha Morgan and Monica Maria Alzate Buitrago, Constitution-Making in a Time of Cholera: Women and the 1991 Colombian Constitution
    2. Martin Farrell, Derecho Natural, Sujetos de Derecho, y Neutralidad

  2. Women�s Human Rights

    1. Viviana Krsticevic, The Individual Complaint before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights in the Inter-American System of Human Rights
    2. Rhonda Copelon, Intimate Terror: Domestic Violence as Torture
    3. Ana Elena Badilla, Gender Discrimination in Central American Legislation
    4. Rebecca Cook, State Accountability Under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women


  1. Curricular Proposals
    1. Gladys Acosta, Kathia Ballestero, y Ana Isabel Garita, Curricular Proposals with a Gender Perspective in Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Family Law
    2. Lauren Gilbert, Theories of State and Family: Family Law in Comparative Perspective (1997)