Genero y Derecho

One of the major obstacles to integrating gender into legal education and legal doctrine in Latin America is the serious lack of teaching materials. The Transforming Women's Legal Status project sought to address this need by developing Genero y Derecho, the first treatise of its kind to be written by Latin American legal scholars for Latin American academics. The textbook is aimed at law professors and legal educators for use throughout Latin America, taking advantage of the similarities in legal systems and substantive legal education. Genero y Derecho provides curricular materials for law professors teaching traditional law courses, as well as professors teaching specialized courses on gender and the law. To bridge the textbook's twin missions, the authors decided to develop a textbook in a traditional format, organizing the different sections according to traditional areas of the law, but addressing each from a gender perspective. Each chapter contains articles addressing issues that are commonly identified as gender issues, as well as articles analyzing topics not commonly viewed as gender-related from a gender perspective, focusing on the ways that assumptions about gender shape the structure, operation, and consequences of the law in that particular area.

Table of Contents