GALA - Gender And Law Association

Member Profiles - Dr. V.S. Elizabeth

Additional Professor & Coordinator,
Centre for Women and the Law National Law School of India University, Bangalore

Dr. Elizabeth currently teaches two courses in history and courses on gender related issues like Violence Against Women, Women's Human Rights, Feminist Jurisprudence etc. Her areas of interest are History of the Indian Subcontinent in the Ancient Period; History of the American and French Revolutions; the Industrial Revolution; The American Civil War and the History of Rights; Violence Against Women, especially domestic violence and sexual harassment; and Legal and Institutional Responses to both these types of violence. Professor Elizabeth teaches from the feminist perspective with relation to courses on gender related issues and to some extent even the history courses, though the history courses are to a greater extent taught using the materialistic interpretation. She is on the governing board of the International Association of Law Schools.

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