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Member Profiles - Gangotri Chakraborty

Professor of Law
University of North Bengal

Presently Prof. Chakraborty is Professor of Law at the University of North Bengal where she joined from the Gujarat Law University. Prior to joining Gujarat National Law University, Professor Chakraborty served as a Professor of Law and Registrar at National University of Juridical Sciences at Kolkata, West Bengal, from February, 2000 through June, 2004. She was previously a lecturer and Associate Professor at North Bengal University, between March, 1986 and February, 2000. During this time Professor Chakraborty also worked as chief Family Counselor at Family Counseling Centre at Siliguri, District Darjeeling in West Bengal, established by the Central Social Welfare Board of India between 1993 and 1999. Her specialization is in Family Law and related areas. Professor Chakraborty's Ph.D. thesis is on Socio-Legal Consequences of Divorce Under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. She has been associated with NGO activities relating to empowerment of women. Her travels have taken her throughout India and she is fluent in five Indian languages. Professor Chakraborty has also visited Warwick, U.K.; Durban, South Africa; and South Asian Countries like Nepal and Bangladesh in connection with International conferences. She has authored two books, one entitled Hindu Marriage: A Critique and Laws Of Maintenance In India published by Sodi Publications which has gone into second edition and has several legal articles to her credit.